About Us

Bike Asia is an adventure cycling Tour Company that was founded in 2003. The company is owned and operated by two Australians, Naomi Skinner and Scott Spencer, both with years of experience guiding, tour leading and working in the adventure travel industry. The company was born out of a passion for Asia, for travel and for cycling (of course!). It is both Scott and Naomi's sincere belief that cycling is the best way to travel.

There are many reasons why we love to travel by bike, but most of all, it's the combination of the physical challenge with the ability to get to places and destinations that are just not possible using vehicles, and at a pace which truly allows you to take in so much of your surroundings. It is like cycling through and alongside people's lives without intruding. This allows for such an insight into a people, their culture, history and traditions.

From the very beginning our stated aims were to offer unique destinations and tours with both excellent cycling and exciting cultural experiences. Starting with a tour in Guangxi province, China, the company has rapidly expanded its operations to encompass a large portion of Asia. Our regions of operation concentrate on China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Japan, Borneo, Cambodia and Laos - all fantastic cycling regions with a depth of culture that is an endless source of fascination.

Scott Spencer

As a travel destination I'm hooked on Asia. The wonderful people, the delightful food, the epic landscapes and the tangible history make for constant adventure. One of my favourite destinations is Mongolia: big blue skies, big hearted people, wild horses, mountains, clear streams and a mountain bike paradise to boot. Still a tourism frontier with an intact traditional nomadic way of life, travelling in Mongolia requires camping under the stars, experiencing Mongolian hospitality, and getting off-road. Challenging, extremely rewarding and right up my alley!

Naomi Skinner

With a total of seven years working and travelling in Asia I still find it hard to pinpoint favourite places and moments. However after 6 years of leading hikes on sections of the Great Wall of China I can still honestly say that I get a buzz every time I climb to the top. Swimming in Halong Bay, watching the sun rise over Angkor Wat, cycling through Tiger Leaping Gorge and drinking "airag" - fermented mare's milk - with a bunch of nomads in Mongolia are all unforgettable moments. And cycling is the perfect way to combine two of my passions: travel and sight-seeing with a physical challenge!

Bike Asia is registered in Hong Kong under company number 866049. Bike Asia Ltd, 7th Floor, Allied Kajima Building, 138 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.