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Asia Cycling Alliance is an alliance of Asia's best cycling tour operators who are dedicated to providing unique and exciting biking adventures in Asia. As a co-operative of small businesses it is our collective desire to take people to places less travelled and also to provide an insight into the fascinating cultures and landscapes that Asia is famous for. We share a passion for our region and getting out travelling in the best possible bicycle!

On this website you will find tours operated by Bike Asia as well as our co-operative partners. Should you choose to book on a tour that is operated by one of our partners we will pass your details or enquiries immediately onto our partner so that you will deal directly with the experts for your chosen destination. We receive no commissions for this.

ACA is a truly co-operative effort which is designed to benefit all network partners by spreading our impact in the market and allows us to better compete with tours that we believe are far superior to anything a larger company can offer. Our members are Asia-based so we can offer customer service and an intimacy and authenticity that, often, larger tour companies can't provide.

Our members all operate tours for larger (more famous) companies so you can be sure when dealing with ACA members you are getting great service from reliable companies.

ACA members are committed to ethical travel practices.

Alliance Members

Based in Yangshuo, China, Bike Asia specialise in North Asia. With great adventures in Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal and Japan as well as years of experience leading groups in these regions Bike Asia are the number one bike tour operator for the region.

Grasshopper Adventures work out of Bangkok and are a leading tour operator in Asia. Their down-to-earth bike tours focus on South East Asia with tours to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysian Borneo and shorter tours around the Bangkok area.