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New Trips for 2006


In 2006, Bike Asia is running adventure cycling trips in three new regions. We love nothing more than jumping on a bike, researching and designing a trip in a new area and then running it for the first time. On these trips expect spontaneity, new ideas, a change of plan and unforeseen adventures. We wish all our trips could be like the first ones we run. The areas we choose have a lot to offer in the way of cycling, adventure, culture, scenery and experience... and if we love it then we reason that there are plenty of others who will too. In the process we can open up areas for cycling that previously have not been easily accessible for cyclists. Adventure cycling is what we do and what we love, so if this sounds like your style of travel, have a look at our new destinations for this year.

  Japan – Islands, Mountains and Monasteries    
  Southern Honshu and Shikoku Island; Cycling Kyoto to Hiroshima    
  Tibet & Nepal – Cycle Across the Roof of the World    

Tibet and Nepal; Cycling Lhasa to Kathmandu

  Mongolia – Destination: Khovsgol    
  Khovsgol Lake, Northern Mongolia; Cycling Moron to Hatgal    
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