Travelling with Bike Asia


We believe cycling is the best way to travel. Our tours are designed as cycling holidays and are accessible to people of all cycling abilities. We have handpicked our routes and itineraries for their excellent cycling as much as for their appeal as interesting travel destinations and the experiences they offer. You still get to experience all those things you look for in a normal holiday (well, maybe not so much lounging on the beach!) - meeting local people, eating the local food, seeing the sights, learning about exotic languages and cultures - and you also get the unique satisfaction of propelling yourself through all these experiences at a pace that allows you the time to really see and absorb them. And on top of that, doing it by bike turns it all into a real adventure!

Inspiring Leaders and Guides

Our cycling leaders are passionate about cycling and about Asia. They take pride in sharing their knowledge and experiences and are always there to make sure you get as much as possible out of your holiday. Most of all they are just great fun to hang out with! We also provide an English speaking local guide, wherever possible, so that you can ask questions from those who really know best. Along with our local crews you're sure to gain an insight into local culture as well as having the pleasure of traveling with our friends!

Full Support

Some trips may require higher degrees of physical fitness than others but should you need to take a rest, or just want to put your feet up, there will be a seat for you and a place to put your bike in our support vehicle. All our scheduled departure tours include the services of a bike mechanic so you won't have to worry about losing time on the road. Specific details on terrain, cycling conditions, distance covered each day and altitude profiles are available on our trip pages. Simply choose the adventure cycling experience that suits you.

Scheduled departures

Scheduled Departures and Custom Tours

Bike Asia offers regularly scheduled departures for individual travellers. These may have varying minimums (from 1 to 5) and are guaranteed to depart at the stipulated minimum. Bike Asia specialises in operating adventure cycling style tours. We can create custom tours for groups and individuals with specific needs or requests. The company is based in Asia, and with many years experience in tourism, we are able to provide a high quality service with very competitive pricing. We welcome your enquiries about any aspect of our tours.


Support vehicle (Zhao Hang driving)

We include almost everything on our tours. The reason for this is we want to keep things simple for you so that you can spend your time doing what you came for - enjoying your adventure! As fully supported cycling tours, you have at your disposal all the back up and equipment to keep you rolling along. As a general rule, trip inclusions are:

  • bike (except Tibet - Nepal)
  • all trip accommodation
  • all transport listed i.e., support vehicles, internal flights, trains, buses etc.
  • most meals
  • water and snacks on cycling days
  • cycling leader/ mechanic
  • local staff - guide, drivers, cooks, mechanics.

Keeping It Real

Along with our passion for cycling, adventure and discovery, we also believe in a philosophy of ethical travel. Respect for people, cultures and the environment is fundamental to us and to how we operate. As a locally-based company (in Asia) we prefer to work with and support the development of local people, operators and businesses in the regions we travel through. Our philosophy is one of low impact on the environment and high local involvement in our business.

Read more about Bike Asia's responsible travel policy...


Asia Cycling Alliance is an alliance of Asia's best cycling tour operators who are dedicated to providing unique and exciting biking adventures in Asia. As a co-operative of small businesses it is our collective desire to take people to places less travelled and also to provide an insight into the fascinating cultures and landscapes that Asia is famous for. We share a passion for our region and getting out travelling in the best possible way... by bicycle! Read more...

Extensions and local flights

Bike Asia offers a range of shorter trips, getaways and packages designed as both extentions to our longer tours and as trips in themselves. Feel free to combine any of our trips to create a holiday that suits you. As a locally based operator we are able to provide information on domestic flights to all our internal destinations so please don't hesitate to ask for our advice on your travel plans. For your flights to and from your home country we suggest you consult your preferred travel agent or airline.