"We think there's nothing better than the view from behind the handle bars - and it's hard to go past Asia for a better place to travel by bike. Every ride is an adventure - exotic peoples, dazzling cultures, distinctive cuisines and sublime scenery - Asia checks all the boxes for truly unforgettable biking adventures.  Our passion for biking in the region goes into all our tours. Liberally sprinkled with opportunities to mingle with locals, discover history, feast on delicacies and lose yourself in the unfamiliar and fantastic: our tours are cooked up to serve you Asia's most extraordinary biking."

Guides & Support

Great guides make great tours

Our leaders and guides, both local and Western, are there to make sure you and your bikes are running smoothly, your bellies are full and to offer insights into the region and it’s people. Our guides are well trained in all routes and tours and, whilst they have a fun and charming approach, they are always keeping an eye on our client safety. We take great care in designing and planning our tours to avoid dangerous roads or situations - our safety record is exemplary. Wilderness Advanced first Aid Level (WAFA) is included as apart of our in-house training and first-aid kits always accompany our tours.  We like to keep things as organised as they need to be and as relaxed and friendly as they should be - so you go away, not only with some great memories, but some great friendships too.


Where you stay is part of the adventure

We always choose hotels or guesthouses that are comfortable, clean, centrally located and as full of local character as we can find.  We also like to mix it up and stay where we believe offers the best experience of both the particular location as well as providing an interesting balance across each particular tour. So, for example, we might go from a home-stay one night to secluded lodgings with an infinity pool the next - we want you to be suprised and find the accommodation at least a part of the adventure! Generally though, all accommodations feature private bathrooms, hot water, ac, etc. The sleeping arrangements are for twin share (though you can request a double for couples) and if you are a single traveller you will be paired up with someone of the same gender, unless you decide to book a single supplement. For families we try to provide family rooms, or adjoining rooms, where available.


It's hard to beat Asia for the range of delicious food - we always go local

Food is a very important part of any travel experience – particularly essential when cycling – and a highlight of any Bike Asia tour. We aim to give people every opportunity to sample local/ regional specialities and to enjoy the experience of eating like a local. On our longer tours we also provide snack food for morning and afternoon breaks with biscuits, fresh fruit, dried fruit, tea, local coffee and hot chocolate. We will also provide you with filtered drinking water for the duration of the cycling. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for and should you have any other dietary restrictions, you just need to inform us. Most of the meals are included in the cost, with a few exceptions like free days, or on some of our trips when there are english menus and/or it makes sense to let you choose to your liking. To see which meals are included, read the inclusions list or the itinerary. The meals are always very generous, the food is healthy, very fresh and very tasty, so don’t worry, we’ll make sure your appetites are satisfied and you have more than enough fuel to get up those mountains!


Included bikes - ready to roll 

Our fleet of mountain bikes are a variety of brands - Giant, Orbea, Specialized and UCC - depending on the tour type and location. All are kept in great shape and ready to roll.  On most tours they are 30speed, hard tails with lockout front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and running Shimano/ SRAM components. Bikes are available in S, M, L, XL, XXL” sizes and are fitted with a water bottle cages. You may wish to bring your own pedals, cleats, saddle, handlebar extensions or bike bags as we can easily fit them to our bikes. You are of course welcome to bring your own bike. Keep in mind though, that while we offer maintenance and spares for the bikes we provide, we can’t guarantee that we can cater to your particular bicycle’s needs. We recommend that you speak to your local bike shop about what parts to bring and make sure the bike has had a good service. 

Cycling Grades

Cycling grades are a bit subjective as everyone has different abilities and may be used to cycling on different types of terrain - but this should give you a rough idea. Chat to us to get a clear picture of what you are in for and keep in mind on most tours we have a support vehicle available for you and your bike to hop in should you need it.

Grade 1 -­ Easy peasy! Anyone who can ride a bike will be able to participate. Often our day tours or short trips will be graded as 1 and feature flat riding on easy terrain up to 30km.

Grade 2 ­- Throw in a hill or two and you have grade 2! Mostly flat but with a few short climbs and maybe some off road that is not technical. Very accessible riding for all abilities up to 50km.

Grade 3 ­- Full days on the bike with ups, downs and possibly some non­technical sections off­road up to 70km. As long as you are comfortable on a bike and ride fairly regularly this grade will be appropriate for you.

Grade 4 -­ Longer days up to 100km so you'll need to be reasonably fit to complete all the cycling comfortably without the van. Terrain can be more challenging with some technical sections or feature extended climbs in mountain regions. At times these tours may reach altitudes of up to 4000m.

Grade 5 -­ These tours are graded highly due to extremes of exposure to the elements, e.g., high altitude over 4000m, extended cycling over 100km in a day, cold or hot weather, very long climbs or extended sections of technical riding. Make sure you chat to us about these tours when considering booking one. 


Scott Owner & Co-founder

It all started in 2003 during the SARS epidemic in Yangshuo, China. Locked down in paradise with a couple of friends we hatched a plan to get people on bikes in China. We couldn't get past how well cycling and Asia mixed - so Bike Asia was born!  Scott runs Bike Asia with his wife, Snow, and you can currently find him guiding tours, researching new destinations, in the office answering emails and, as much as he can, riding bikes!

Meet the Team