Terms and Conditions


Once you submit a booking form we'll be back in touch to confirm your booking and will issue an invoice with payment instructions and options. For our longer scheduled departure tours you will be required to make a deposit of 300USD per person to guarantee your place on the tour. We advise to make this payment promptly as your place can only be guaranteed once we have received your deposit. The balance of the trip price must be paid 60 days prior to the tour departure date. If booking within 60 days prior to the tour departure date the full amount must be paid. For short tours, day tours, custom tours and other services payment must be made in full. All our tours are priced in U.S. dollars. Payments may be made in other selected currencies and we will calculate the exchange rate at the time of issuing your invoice.

Methods of payment are:

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Paypal (4% surcharge)

Bike Asia reserves the right to change tour prices at any time, for any reason, including (but not limited to) exchange rate fluctuations, changing ground costs or itinerary changes.

Cancellation by you

All tour cancellations must be made to Bike Asia by email or in writing. In the event of a cancellation we will apply the following policy:

  • Cancel 14 days or more prior to tour departure date - Full refunds.
  • Cancel less than 14 days prior to the departure date - Loss of deposit(300 USD).

No refunds will be made should you:

  • Voluntarily leave during the course of a trip.
  • Choose not to utilize accommodation, transport, meals or any services provided.

Cancellation by Bike Asia

If Bike Asia cancels a tour you will be notified by email 60 days prior to the tour commencement and receive the full amount you have paid to us. Bike Asia will not be responsible for any costs outside of the tour price, such as airfares and other travel expenses that may be lost due to a cancellation made by us. In the event that Bike Asia must cancel a trip for reasons due to, but not limited to, terrorism, natural disasters, political instability and other external events which make it impossible for us to run that trip no refunds will be made. We recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance to cover you if these events should arise.


All participants on Bike Asia trips must have travel insurance cover that includes comprehensive medical and emergency evacuation for the duration of the tour. Your group leader will request to see details of your insurance at the commencement of your trip.

Medical conditions

Due to the physical nature of our trips, it is extremely important to Bike Asia, and to you, that you are of good physical health and able to participate fully in the group cycling travel experience. Please consult with your health care practitioner if you have any concerns. We may ask that you provide details of any medical conditions when booking with us. Disclosure of this information will be made only to your leader for your benefit so we will be able to assist you with any requirements on the ground or in the event of an emergency.


Helmets are compulsory on all Bike Asia tours. It is a requirement that you bring suitable safety wear for the chosen tour. Details are listed on each tour page or in the pre-tour information packs.

Itineraries and inclusions

Bike Asia reserves the right to change advertised itineraries before or during a tour in the interests of safety resulting from war, disease, natural disaster, safety, or changed local conditions. The tour leader during a tour has the right to make any necessary changes to the itinerary for the reasons listed. Any client not adhering to changes made for these reasons will be deemed to have left the tour and is no longer under the care of Bike Asia. Bike Asia includes different services in terms of included activities, meals and transport for each tour. These details are included on the tour page on the website. Bike Asia reserves the right to change inclusions as listed due to operational or other factors.

Personal Responsibility

We ask that all participants acknowledge that by coming on one of our trips they accept the adventurous nature of the tours and the inherent risks of travelling in Asia. Due to the nature of the style and locations that Bike Asia operates in, Bike Asia and their guides, leaders, and support staff do not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, illness, damage, accident, fatality, delay or inconvenience experienced from time of departure to time of return arising out of any such adventure trip organised by Bike Asia. Participants should also be aware that travel within a group may involve some compromise in order to accommodate diverse interests and physical abilities of group members. Bike Asia will not be held responsible for any traveller who contravenes any law or regulation of any country visited.

Privacy Statement

In order to operate our tours some personal information Bike Asia collects with your booking may be provided to third party suppliers for logistical or legal requirements, such as booking flights or accommodations. Your email address will not be shared with anyone.


It is extremely important that every person participating on any trip, has read, understood and agreed to all the above conditions. By submitting the booking form you agree to all the above terms and conditions

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