"8 Days of fully-supported cycling through the best of Guizhou Province's epic scenery and fascinating minority cultures.  Get off the beaten track and deep into the heartland of the Dong and Miao minority hill people."

Guizhou 贵州 is one of China’s more fascinating provinces: home to over 40 minority groups, with a large portion still living traditional rural lifestyles across a vast and remote mountainous landscape, it is the region of China that evokes endless “National Geographic” moments.  Our tour follows a route through Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, (黔东南苗族侗族自治州), in the south west of Guizhou, starting in Langde (朗德) and finishing in Zhaoxing (肇兴).  Predominately populated by Miao and Dong, with small pockets of other minorities such as the Shui, our unique route will take us through dozens of traditional villages in a spectacular rural setting that sees relatively few tourists.  Wind and Rain Bridges and Dong Drum Towers are ubiquitous along with old wooden houses; as are the intricate handicrafts, colourful textiles, age-old farming activities and ethnic music that make up the slow paced rhythm of local life here.  

This traditional lifestyle has been preserved due to Guizhou’s remote mountainous terrain: not suitable for extensive farming, the region has been among the poorest in China, typified by the local saying, “The sky is not clear three days; the land is not level for three li; the people don’t have three jiao”.  For us, this means lots of long climbs - balanced, though, by equally long downhills!  Plenty of time has been allocated to complete each days ride, whilst still being able to stop and to take in the surroundings along the way.  A  support vehicle is also available for those that wish to take a ride whenever they wish.  This tour is designed to be accessible to those with a good level of cycling fitness and an interest in exploring beyond the usual tourist offerings.

Getting There & Away

Getting There:  The tour starts in Langde village, Kaili, Guizhou. We will arrange a meeting point and time at Kaili Train Station and organise transport to Langde at designated times.  The transfer from the station takes around 30mins to Langde.

The easiest way to get to Kaili is to fly to Guiyang Airport (Longdongbao KWE).  There are plenty of flights from all destinations. From the airport there are regular trains to Guiyang North Station (18mins), from where you can take one of many high speed trains to Kaili (38 mins).

& Away: From Zhaoxing we will arrange transport to the nearby Congjiang High Speed Train Station.  You can catch a high speed train directly to Guiyang Airport (Longdongbao KWE) at 8:07, 11:21 and 14:55. This train takes around 1.5 hours.  At other times you can take a train to Guiyang North and switch trains to the airport.

You can also opt head south to Guilin (from 47mins) or onto Guangzhou (4 hours) with trains departing regularly.  Feel free to contact us for advice with any of your arrival and departure questions.


Airport/ train station pick ups and drop offs are included in the tour price.  Please make sure you give us details of your arrival and departure, including flight details, date and time, so we can arrange your transfers.

Tour Info Pack

Once we have recieved your booking and deposit we'll send you a Tour INFO PACK that will include tour notes, training tips, preparation info and joining point instructions.  If you have any questions about the tour at all please don't hesitate to contact us.

Additional Accommodation

Arriving early or want to stay on after the tour ends? No problem!  Just let us know if you'd like to book extra accommodation in the tour hotel at either the start or finish of the tour and we will arrange it for you.  Just include your request on the booking form.

Further Info

For additional information regarding guides, accommodation and sleeping arrangements, cycling grades, food, bikes, etc you can head over to our About section to see more about how we run our tours.