"A once a year, once in a lifetime experience of Mongolian culture. Journey across pristine steppe landscapes on a bike safari where we camp under the stars with animist shaman, traditional musicians and local nomads.  We'll see the rare Prezwalski's wild horse and take in the spectacle of the Naadam Festival where the country's best wrestlers, archers and horses compete. This is not your usual tour but an event not to be missed!"

Mongolia is just about as far from the ocean as you can travel and it's capital, Ulaan Baatar, is one the coldest cities on the planet. Being sandwiched politically and geographically between two giants in China and Russia would be challenging enough, but it also finds itself between the endless Siberian wilderness to the north and the vast Gobi desert to the south - it is an understatement to say that it is remote. Its history is famously vast and fierce, led by it's founder and talisman, Chinggis Khan, who ruthlessly brought the Eurasian continent under Mongol rule. So its not surprising that many today might have mixed feelings about the place as a travel destination. In fact, all these things are part of the magical appeal of Mongolia: it's nomadic people are warm-hearted and charming with old world, genuine hospitality. The landscapes are pristine and incredibly varied beyond the steppe that the country is renowned for and, in the warmer months, wildflowers and wildlife come alive.

The Naadam Festival, where all Mongolians celebrate with festivities that centre around the national wrestling, archery and horse racing tournaments, goes all the way back to the 13th century. We'll be taking in all the events after an epic ride across the Mongolian countryside where we explore, not only the stunning landscapes, but Mongolian nomadic culture. We've arranged a Mongolian horse-head fiddler to perform for us, a shaman who will reveal some of the lore of this ancient practice, and a Mongolian chef to keep us fed with traditional and modern feasts but also offer us the chance to make some Mongolian dishes for ourselves. We'll camp with a local herding family for a night also and get a chance at experiencing the famous Mongolian hospitality.