"Escape the winter blues and discover China's tropical Hainan Island by bike"

  • Day 1: Arrival Haikou Airport/ Transfer to Wenchang


    Our meeting point is in Haikou Meilan Airport. We will arrange a private bus to drive everyone to our start point hotel in Wenchang (approximately 1 hour) at a designated time. We'll advise you of the ideal flights to arrive in Haikou for the transfer but there's also an option of staying in Haikou for the night previous if you want to explore the city or other flights are preferred. High speed trains run between Haikou and the airport (and also Wenchang).  After checking in, time permitting, you'll have some time to have a walk on the beach, explore Wenchang old town, or swim in the hotel pool before our group meeting at 6 pm followed by a local feast including Wenchang chicken, world famously known as Hainan chicken.

    Stay: Wenchang

    Wenchang is on the northeast coast of Hainan Island. It is a "small" city with only 600,000 population but is the cultural heartland of the province with many historical sites. The local dialect in Hainan is based on the Wenchang dialect and the area is also well known as the ancestral home for millions of overseas Chinese across South East Asia and beyond. The area also boasts the islands largest coconut planation of more than 500,000 trees along the coastal region to its south.

  • Day 2: Cycle to Bo'ao - 76KM

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 76 km

    After breakfast in the hotel, we'll set up the bikes and begin by cycling through coconut forest on shady countryside roads to reach Shibahang village, awarded with the title of “Famous Village of Chinese History and Culture". Shibahang is named after the eighteen orderly lines of Duojin courtyard houses that make up the village. After visiting those old buildings, we'll ride to the junction of Wenchang and Qionghai to have an authentic Hainanese lunch by the sea. In the afternoon, we’ll ride along sea view and countryside roads to the fishing port of Tanmen, where we visit Nanyang Museum before reaching todays destination, Bo’ao town.

    Stay: Bo'ao

    Bo’ao city is the permanent venue of the Bo’ao Forum for Asia, a forum for top-level businessmen, academics, and government representatives from Asian countries. The city is also popular with beach lovers, photographers, naturalists and marine sports enthusiasts. The city is surrounded by coconut forests, mountains facing the sea, sandy beaches, warm ocean and plenty of sunshine.

  • Day 3: Day 3 - Cycle to Xinglong - 110KM

    breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 110 km

    Our second cycling day is a big century ride - 110 km, but on flat roads all the way! After breakfast, our ride starts from the hotel and meanders along the Wanquan River, or the River of Ten Thousand Springs, to Liuke village. Here we'll take a quick visit to the Cai Family Courtyard, "the first home of overseas Chinese in Hainan", a large historic mansion built in 1934 with the proceeds of a rubber plantation fortune made by several migrant Chinese brothers. After a short visit, we keep cycling to Heyue, a small town, for lunch. In the afternoon, we'll ride a long section of Hainan's most stunning coastal road, which is also a section of the annual "around-the-island" cycling race. After heading inland, our destination is Xinglong, set in lush tropical countryside, and famous for its Tropical Botanic Garden and hot springs. We will stay in the hot spring hotel and enjoy a Hainan special sea food pot for dinner. After dinner, you can swim or soak in the hot spring to wash the fatigue of the days ride away.

    Stay: Xinglonghttp://www.bikeasia.com/images/d8/3f/d83f4d57b5107fe6df25c6e13403e3d4.jpg

    Xinglong is the centre of coffee culture in Hainan. Far from being an expensive luxury as you'll see in China's bigger cities, in Xinglong you'll find locals sipping coffee at market stalls for a fraction of the price of a Starbucks. Brought to the Xinglong in the 50s as a state run crop, the habit of consuming coffee daily has become the norm in many places in the region. Whilst coffee production in Hainan is dwarfed by Yunnan's output, it's adoption here is unique in a land where tea is king!

  • Day 4: Cycle to Qiongzhong -75KM

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 75 km

    Today we cycle into the tropical rainforest valleys of central Hainan on the first of two days with some decent climbs. In the morning, we will pass through Chenxiang Bay Reservoir and Feishuiling Waterfall along a rural forest road. We'll be heading up in elevation with a climb (and downhill!) in the morning and also one in the afternoon. If the hills aren't your thing there'll be a seat for you and your bike in our support vehicle and trailer. At noon, we'll enjoy authentic farmhouse dishes at a rural food stall. After lunch, we continue to ride along quiet and lush country roads to Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County which lies close to the Baihualing Nature Reserve.

    Stay: Qiongzhong County 

    The Li, or the Hlai, are one of China's 56 ethnic minorities with a population of around 1.3 million people. They are the oldest inhabitants of Hainan Island with a history stretching back more than 3000 years. They inhabit the central and south regions of the island. Whilst they have been largely assimilated into the broader social fabric of Hainan, there are still some villages remaining where people live traditional lifestyles. A striking cultural practice was for the women to tattoo their arms and the backs of their hands although this is increasingly rare today.

    The Miao are one of China's largest ethnic groups with a population of over 9 million people. However, Hainan Island is home to a small fraction of their population. Most Miao live in Guizhou, Hunan and Yunnan and language-wise the Miao in Hainan speak a dialect that is closer to Yao or Zhuang minorities. The Miao are hill people and traditionally wear colourful embroidered clothing with silver jewellery.

  • Day 5: Cycle to Wuzhishan - 85KM

    breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 85 km

    Today, we will continue to ride through undulating forest mountain roads with our final destination near the base of Wuzhishan, or Five Finger Mountain, the highest altitude location in Hainan. In the morning, we ride 33 kilometres with a climb to kick start the day and a cruisy downhill into to Shiyun Town where we settle in for a rainforest farmhouse lunch. In the afternoon, after a short downhill we will meet the days big challenge - a ride up and out of the rainforest valley to the core scenic area of Wuzhishan. Tonight, we stay in the rainforest in a scenic hotel surrounded by stunning mountains.

    Stay: Wuzhishan

    Wuzhi mountain is the highest mountain in Hainan island, It is located in the middle of Hainan island, named after the undulating peaks and ridges that resemble five fingers. It is listed as A-level tourist spot by the international tourism organisation. The highest peak of Wuzhi mountain is Erzhi, with an altitude of 1876 meters. Wuzhi mountain is also a symbol of Hainan Island.

  • Day 6: Cycle to Baoting - 71KM

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 71 km

    After breakfast, our riding will take a turn to head downhill with some great sweeping descents lined up for the day. The total cycling distance is 71KM with only 5KM of upward trending riding with the rest downhill or flat. Lush tropical rainforest, with glimpses across the flat land that meets the sea, is the backdrop for the days ride. In the afternoon, as the altitude gradually decreases, we'll reach our destination in Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, with plenty of time to soak in the hotel hot springs with views of Qixian Ridge looming in the distance.

    Stay: Baoting County 

    Baoting is also a Li & Miao Ethnic Group Autonomous County 保亭黎族苗族治县. From the hotel we stay for the night, you will have a great view of the Qixianling National Rain Forest Park.

  • Day 7: Cycle to Haitang Bay/ transfer to Sanya – 50km

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 50 km

    Today is our last day of our cycling journey. Staying on country roads, we gradually descend to Haitang Bay on the coast, arriving around noon, to end this wonderful cycling journey. We'll grab some lunch while the bikes are loaded up, before transferring to our Sanya hotel. In the afternoon you'll have some time to hit the beach for a swim, or do some shopping, before we meet for our final meal together and some celebratory drinks by the ocean.

    Stay: Sanya

    Our hotel in Sanya is located in Dadonghai, a large bay with clean water and a beautiful white sand beach. Lined with a boardwalk and shaded by coconut palms, there are dozens of restaurants and bars along the beach from which to while away the day. Scooters can be hired to explore the area further: there's more beaches and bays to explore as well as visits to Sanya city and local markets.

  • Day 8: Departure Day


    Today is departure day and you are free to leave at anytime. We’ll organise a transfer to Sanya airport connect with the group departure flight. If you wish to stay longer to soak up Sanya beautiful beaches and activities, we will help with transferring to your next stop.